• IRAMA — Whispers of Departure

    IRAMA — Whispers of Departure

    „Whispers of Departure“ is a profound visual composition by David Immanuel Levi that delves into the themes of trust, memory, and identity, inspired by the poignant lyrics of Italian pop singer IRAMA. Levi’s canvas becomes a battleground of emotion, where the strokes of acrylic paint are as impactful as the punch mentioned in the song,…



David Immanuel Levi was born in 1980 and has had a passion for art since his childhood. His name, deeply rooted in biblical history, reflects his artistic vision. Like the significant figures his name alludes to, David strives to convey deep and meaningful messages through his artworks.

In his work, David’s art embodies the spirit of “ECCOIO”, an Italian phrase meaning both a presentation and an announcement. Each of his artworks is a ceremonial announcement, a “Here I am”, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of colours, shapes, and stories.

David is a versatile artist, working in various mediums, from painting and sculpture to contemporary installations. His artworks are distinguished by their unique combination of technical finesse and emotional depth. They invite viewers to find their interpretations and meanings, while appreciating the artistic dialogue that David leads through his work.

Throughout his career, David has showcased his works in numerous exhibitions both in his homeland and internationally. His art has gained the recognition and admiration of critics and art lovers alike, and his works can be found in private and public collections worldwide.

David Immanuel Levi sees his art as an ongoing journey and looks forward to further developing his artistic vision and sharing it with the world. Visit his website “ECCOIO” to discover his latest works and learn more about his artistic journey.